phpThumb_generated_thumbnailWhat do you need? What do you want? What obstacles are you facing?

Do you need support obtaining your goals? 

Want support getting on the “same page”? Can you remember why you chose to be together?

Are you ready to live your best life – NOW?

Congratulations on taking a bold step toward living your best life!
Whatever brought you here, embrace it as the catalyst to your transformation and growth.

Reaching out to others is not always easy.
I remember how it was for me.
As your therapist, my primary priority is – YOU!

Why select me? After recovering from a near-fatal motor vehicle accident, I committed to a life of helping others heal hurts, manage change, build better relationships and live a life of excellence – under any circumstances. Before that event, many experiences – good and not-so-good- taught me how to adapt and thrive in life and business.

As a graduate of Houston Graduate School of Theology with a Masters of Arts in Counseling, I passionately believe in the importance of the personal growth, strength and creativity that radiates from the inside out. My intuitive and interactive style makes me a uniquely qualified psychotherapist that motivates and empowers individuals to perform beyond their perceived level of ability.

My integrated clinical training has prepared me to help individuals who desire to incorporate their spirituality in their counseling session, only if requested. Every attempt will be made to respect each individual regardless of their personal beliefs and culture as I assist them in achieving their goals.

Committed to providing a safe place,

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Due to COVID-19, I hold Video Sessions, also known as Teletherapy.For more information about the process and requirements, read the Consent Form located below.

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